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Ultimate gift wrapping guide

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Create squeals of delight with these tips on how to wrap the perfect gift

Yes it's true, at Miss Peahen we often spend more time deliberating the wrapping than we do the actual gift. Even as children, the anticipation of opening presents all wrapped or bundled into large pillowcases under the Christmas tree, was the highlight of the day. We love nothing more than watching the faces of our friends and family as they open their presents.

Tip #1 - More is More is More

Yes, you heard us correctly. More colour, more texture, more ribbon and confetti, even more flowers! Get ready to create the most inspiring and happiness making gifts for your friends and loved ones.

Tip #2 - Pick a striking card or tag and use that as your theme.

The card or tag is always the starting point. We spend a lot of time searching for the perfect one. Check out the beautiful selection Bridgette has designed here. Once you have the perfect cards or tag, use its colours to influence your wrapping paper and ribbon.

Tip #3 - Wrapping and Ribbon

This can sometimes be a little overwhelming as there's so much choice.

Brown paper: At Miss Peahen we always have large rolls of brown paper wrapping. It's so versatile and when paired with a beautiful card and ribbon can be used for any occasion, wedding, Christmas or birthday.

Butchers twine: Another versatile wrapping staple. This beautiful fine string comes in an array of colours and neatly ties your gifts perfectly together. We love twine!

Tip #4 - Create Drama - Surprises inside

Try adding a little confetti between the paper and the gift so little flutters of joy spring out when they open it.

Tip #5 - Adorn the top

Tied with your card, add a beautiful flower or some tinsel to add the finishing touch that truly says how much you care for the recipient. When we were growing up our mother would always tie a gardenia or jasmine flower, picked from our garden, to the top of our friends birthday gifts. The smell of those particular flowers now will forever take us back to those early days of parties.

Voila! Enjoy the squeals of delight the next time you hand over your present.

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