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Maisie's our Muse

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Is there anything cuter than four little brown legs, an extra long tum and two oversized brown ears? We don't think so. Let us introduce you to Maisie. The cutest patootiest Dachshund you ever did meet and the inspiration behind all the sausage dog designs.

Bridgette became obsessed with Dachshunds back in 2015 while living in London, where every second person seemed to have one of these cute little creatures. Their funny little statures and big personalities had Bridgette pining for of her own.

Five years later, her dream became reality when she finally got little Maisie. Now, wherever Bridgette goes, her four legged friend is never far behind - winning hearts in every cafe, sidewalk or dog park they visit. Needless to say, Bridgette is a little obsessed and has been incorporating her into our illustrations ever since.

We hope you love these pint size pups as much as we do... because as Miss Peahen's unofficial mascot, she isn't going anywhere.

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