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Sisters Bridgette and Amy.

Bridgette, a self-taught illustrator and self-confessed stationery addict is one half of Miss Peahen. For many years Bridgette’s illustrations and artistry had been reserved for family and friends. Starting out creating designs whilst living overseas, Bridgette’s unique designs are inspired by her surroundings and capture her femininity, playfulness and love for gift giving. Now based in the Southern Highlands, NSW, Bridgette is raising her daughter and continuing to create beautiful designs.


“I always loved creating personalised portraits to mark special milestones in my loved ones lives; weddings, birthdays, baby showers and so on. It wasn’t until these same friends and family started asking me to create illustrations for their own loved ones and even their workplaces, that I ever considered being able to turn this into something more.”

“I’ve always loved the tradition of giving and receiving cards. I am also someone who sends cards for the fun of it, so creating my own line has been a dream come true, marrying two of my great loves….”


As the business grew, Bridgette’s sister Amy came on board and the two now run the company as business partners, remaining first and foremost best friends. Amy has an extensive experience in marketing, working for over a decade in luxury global businesses. Amy is based in Sydney raising her two young children.


Often compared to the Beatrix Potter story The Tale of Johnny Town Mouse, Bridgette the country mouse and Amy the city mouse, both enjoying the best of each others worlds.

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